Change Images

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Javascript is not used.An image is not changed using Javascript.A CSS item is not changed using Javascript.Images and one CSS item are changed using Javascript.

No stylesheet is used.A stylesheet is included, but some embedded or inline styles are used unnecessarily.A stylesheet is included, but there are styles in it that are not used.A stylesheet is used for the styles on the site.

Some pages do not have page titles.Some pages have “Untitled Document” as the document title.The document title is changed to something that has nothing to do with the page or the page title is not an image or <h1> tag.The document title of each page is changed to something appropriate and a page title is included as an image or <h1> tag.
Home Page

The home page does not show up correctly.The home page does not show up correctly because the index.html file is called something else.The home page does not show up correctly because the index.html file is capitalized.The home page shows up correctly when the page first loads.
Broken Links/Images

There were broken links or images or no Javascript is used.No images had alt attributes or the Javascript does not work correctly.Some images did not have alt attributes.There were no broken links or images and all images had alt attributes.
Color Scheme

The color scheme of the site is not obvious.The color scheme in the file is not the color scheme used on the site.The color choice is not explained.The page’s color scheme is explained in a color.html file.

A font family is not set-up.The font choice is not explained.The font choice explanation is not sufficient.A font family is set up for at least one heading on the page, and the font choice is explained in the color.html file.