Animal Page

110 Points TotalNot Included
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6 points
8 points
10 points
Image Positions

Less than three images of the animal are included.Some of the images are broken.The images of the animal are not all included in the correct positions.Three appropriate images of the animal are included in their correct positions.
Transparent Image

The site does not contain a transparent image.The site contains a transparent image, but the background was not removed by the student.The site contains a transparent image, but the background removed was a solid color.The site contains a transparent image where a complex background was removed by the student.

Both divs are missing.One of the required divs is missing or they are missing required information.The border is formatted incorrectly for one or both of the divs.Two divs are included, and the border for both is formatted correctly.

One of the links is broken or missing.One or both of the links is the wrong format, or link to the wrong site.The picture is included, but it is not a link.There is a text link and a picture link in the bottom div, and both work correctly.
List of Facts

Less than three interesting facts are included.A list is not used for the interesting facts.At least three interesting facts are included, but the list style is not changed.At least three interesting facts about the animal are included as a list.
Animal Info

Less than two sentences of information are included or it is copied.Only 2 sentences of information are included.Only 3 sentences of information are included.4 sentences of information are included between the two animal pictures.

No textured background is used.The text is not readable in front of parts of the background.A textured background is used, but it is not seamless.A seamless background is used, and the text is readable in front of it.

No stylesheet is used.A stylesheet is included, but some embedded or inline styles are used unnecessarily.A stylesheet is included, but there are styles in it that are not used.A stylesheet is used for the styles on the site.

Some pages do not have page titles.Some pages have “Untitled Document” as the document title.The document title is changed to something that has nothing to do with the page or the page title is not an <h1> tag.The document title of each page is changed to something appropriate and a page title is included as an <h1> tag.
Home Page

The home page does not show up correctly.The home page does not show up correctly because the index.html file is called something else.The home page does not show up correctly because the index.html file is capitalized.The home page shows up correctly when the page first loads.
Color Scheme

The color scheme of the site is not obvious.The color scheme in the file is not the color scheme used on the site.The color choice is not explained.The page’s color scheme is named and defended in a color.html file.