Link Collection

90 Points TotalNot Included
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6 points
8 points
10 points
Web Pages

There is only one page of links.A page of links does not have a theme.There are two pages of links, but one or both do not contain a 3-sentence paragraph.There are at least two pages of links and each have a 3-sentence paragraph describing the page.

Neither page has 5 text links.A page has less than 5 text links.A page does not contain an image link.Each page contains 5 text links and an image link.
Page Links

There are no links between the two pages.There is a broken link on a page.There is only a link on one of the pages.The pages correctly link to each other.
Link States

The link states are not changed.The link states are changed, but they are all the same.Different colors are used for a link state, but the link and hover states are the same.Different colors are used for the link and hover link states on at least one page.
Fireworks Image

The site contains no student-created images.The site does not contain a student-created transparent image.The site contains a transparent image, but the background was not removed by the student.The site contains a transparent image where the background was removed by the student.

No positioning is used.A div is not included, but there is positioning.A different positioning is used.Absolute positioning is used on at least one item and a div is included.

Neither page has a background color.One page does not have a background color.It is hard to see the content on one or both of the pages.A background color is used on both pages.

Some pages do not have page titles.Some pages have “Untitled Document” as the document title.The document title is changed to something that has nothing to do with the page or the page title is not an image or <h1> tag.The document title of each page is changed to something appropriate and a page title is included as an image or <h1> tag.
Home Page

The home page does not show up correctly.The home page does not show up correctly because the index.html file is called something else.The home page does not show up correctly because the index.html file is capitalized.The home page shows up correctly when the page first loads.